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Course Syllabus

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4/2 Week 1 Introduction to Blockchains: Chris Dixon, General Partner a16z (zoom)

4/9 Week 2 Blockchain Infrastructure: Nikhil Viswanathan Co-Founder & CEO, Alchemy

4/16 Week 3 Business Models and Web3 vs Web2 Considerations: Avichal Garg, Co-Founder & General Partner, Electric Capital

4/23 Week 4 State of the Art in Digital Assets: Chris Larsen, Co-Founder & CEO at Ripple

4/30 Week 5 Blockchain Ecosystems Irene Wu, Head of Strategy, LayerZero

5/7 Week 6 Areas of Adoption (DePin, RWA, Social, Gaming): Adam Goldberg , Co-Founder & General Partner, Standard Crypto

5/14 Week 7 Secret Guest

5/21 Week 8 Crypto and AI: Ala Shabana, Cofounder, Bittensor

5/28 Week 9 Scaling Blockchains: Nick White, COO, Celestia

6/4 Week 10 Wrap-Up and Reflections: Kun Peng, Aaron Greenblatt, Gil Rosen, Steven Willinger

Course Schedules

Tuesday 4:30pm - 5:20pm at Sapp Center for Science Teaching and Learning Room 114.

Attendance in person is required as some classes are not recorded.


Attend 7 out of 10 lectures and complete attendance form (link to be shared at start and end of class).